Live blogging giant CoveritLive launches search

Live blogging giant CoveritLive launches search

CoveritLive is one of my favorite blogging services that has launched lately. Particularly because they’re bridging gaps between the old and new media. The usage of the service has skyrocketed the last couple of months, 3,000,000 plus readers now follow live events via the software each month.

Therefore, the CoveritLive team has decided to launch a search feature – as they now have enough content to make such a technology relevant.

So let’s give it a shot. I’m at Youthwatching ’09 now, an event about youth culture and marketing in Ghent, Belgium. Success! A simple search query gives me the desired result. CandyBlog is covering the event.

COVERITLIVE.COM - Live Blog Search Results

I can’t think of another way than using the search feature as I showed in this post. It’s not that I feel the urge to follow a random event out of the blue. Do you?

An archive function would also be interesting. Imagine you want to catch up with a conference you’ve missed, CoveritLive would be at your service to track it down.

By the way, users can always to choose to exclude their live blog from the search results.

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