The Microsoft BMW Product Navigator Conspiracy

The Microsoft BMW Product Navigator Conspiracy

Microsoft spends a lot of money on innovation but we rarely see those innovations implemented in the real world. So I was pleased to hear that BMW was announcing to be the first car manufacturer worldwide using Microsoft Surface. I expected the new BMW to have a Microsoft Surface dashboard. Or even more exciting, a Microsoft Surface windshield!

But no. They only use the Microsoft Surface thing to let people choose the color, options and interior of their new BMWs in their stores. Yawn.

Or maybe I’m wrong and this is really exciting for BMW buyers. Instead of trying to talk a few thousand of the price of that new car they will be so transfixed on that screen that they will simply order the most expensive edition of their new BWM. Cool.

Maybe I’m just paranoid but could this whole video be fake? You tell me: at the 0:17 mark you see the guy from BMW clearly pinching a photo. The photo doesn’t shrink but looks like it is picked up. He pinches again and suddenly the image grows enormously. Very different behavior from what you’d expect from a regular old pinch. Right? Could it be they sorta faked this orgasm video? Including the happy ‘normal’ people at the end? You tell me!

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