Great News! Twitter Clones Begin Closing Down…Starting with Pownce.

Great News! Twitter Clones Begin Closing Down…Starting with Pownce.

The chances are you’ve heard about Pownce shutting up shop and frankly I am delighted! I’m delighted not because I enjoy witnessing companies fail but because it’s about time Pownce members tried bigger and better services. Services who really listen to their users and create tools which actually enhance the web experience for them.

I’ve been a member of Pownce since day one and at one point, a devoted member and daily visitor. However, as time went on, reccurring bugs weren’t fixed, feedback wasn’t acted on, other services launched, original members abandoned ship and eventually, so did I. I did return every now and again to see if things had improved but more often than not I was met with a blank white page which seemed to be a never ending problem (if you’re a Pownce member, you should know what I mean).

The team behind the service is joining SixApart and Pownce is closing in 2 weeks, and in my opinion – good riddance to bad rubbish. Hopefully two weeks will be enough for any remaining ever-faithful Pownce members to find better services and no, I don’t mean Twitter.

Good luck to Leah Culver, Mike Malone and everyone else involved.

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