India’s Terrorists Track the Worlds Reaction Using Their Blackberry’s

India’s Terrorists Track the Worlds Reaction Using Their Blackberry’s

In an ironically hypocritical turn, India’s terrorists used Western made technology to highlight their hatred for the West and what it represents.

Amongst granades, ammunition magazines, credit cards, food rations and thousands of dollars of cash found in terrorists backpacks lay one vital piece of tracking equipment – Blackberry’s.

After all cable television feeds had been cut to the two luxury hotels and office block, the gunmen had planned ahead and used Blackberry’s to monitor the situation and global reaction. The terrorists used the smartphone to track the status of their other planned sites of terror and the police/army response. Also however, the used the now iconic device to see first hand the public reaction to the atrocities, both locally and worldwide.

It’s difficult to be certain as to whether the Blackberry’s were a well planned pre-thought or a clever after-thought once the television feeds had been cut. Either way, the young assassins were tech savvy enough to know that amongst thousands of foreigners probably lay hundreds of blackberry devices – all perfectly powerful enough to give them real time updates of the horrific action & anti-terrorist re-action around them.

RIM, all publicity is good publicity?

via Courier Mail

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