XS4ALL Internet Event: Fear it? Fix it!

XS4ALL Internet Event: Fear it? Fix it!

Tomorrow Dutch Internet Service Provider XS4ALL celebrates their 15th birthday by holding a one day event about internet and society. 15 years ago, XS4ALL started making the internet available to everyone in Holland. Their motto for dealing with the Internet and technology and the impact those can have on society is “Fear It? Fix It!” or FIFI for short. That is also the name of the conference.

FIFI will be a great conference about internet and society. Creative users, internet entrepreneurs, scientists and government officials will all come together to speak and listen, debate current affairs, participate in workshops and download inspiration. Even the world’s first cyborg will be there.

Dutch members of parliament Alexander Pechtold, Hans Franken and Arda Gerkens will discuss new visions on privacy in an interactive debate in which the entire audience can participate using Synthetron’s interactive brainstorming tool. Hackers will perform a social engineering hack live on stage. There will be a hardrocking robot drummer, Giant Levelhead, a workshop Ikea hacking and much, much more.

Much more? Yes. From their press release: “Internet entrepreneur and guru Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten will tell us about how the internet makes us omnipotent and immortal”.

Hey, thats me!

Tickets available on fifi2008.nl

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