The ZunePhone/Pink/MsPhone/PcPhone/BallmerPhone

The ZunePhone/Pink/MsPhone/PcPhone/BallmerPhone

Several high profile websites are talking about rumors about a possible Microsoft Phone. Nothing is sure right now and certainly nothing is being confirmed by Microsoft. The prospect of Microsoft entering this already exciting market with Palm, Apple, Research in Motion and Google fighting it out sounds great to me.

For all the dirt, assumptions, dreams and guesses follow these links:





For a really entertaining look back in time check out this video of Ballmer talking about the then upcoming iPhone. Look at his face when he talks about how he ‘likes’ their strategy and then remember that their strategy currently pulls in about $300 million a year versus the iPhone’s $5 billion. I’m sure that IF Microsoft comes out with their ‘iPhone killer’ it will be a ‘very capable machine’…

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