Temporary Email Forwarding Temporary Email Forwarding

Written by Josh Chandler highlights an important feature missing from many web based and desktop-based email clients; a way to create disposable email messaging.

Personally, it did make me wonder why a company would step up and present such a solution. A temporary email address that redirects in essence is quite good however I want this to be permanent so I can always send mail to it. One solution I think matches this is The key difference is that Enterto forces you to sign up for an email address. Besides that the technology behind Enterto is more impressive then Meltmail.

It is safe to assume you do not want to be receiving any information to your inbox on this after the initial email you have been waiting for. One question I have is if you are using a two part double confirmation system which takes a while to send out the emails, what will happen to the email address? Will it return emails back to your original address? If so wouldn’t that just defeat the goal of email forwarding?

Meltmail does offer a couple of options on how long to keep email redirecting for. They will keep redirecting mail for 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours.

Will it really work? To me the thought of a time sensitive email address is quite interesting but I simply question the system’s integrity in certain situations. Does the concept of “melting mail” appeal to you, or should we have a solutions such as Enterto providing us with temporary email addresses to eliminate unneeded email?

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