Google gets funky with collaborative spreadsheet “art”

Google gets funky with collaborative spreadsheet “art”

One of the genres in Internet virals I dig is the artsy scene. People painting the Mona Lisa in MS Paint, life-like airbrush pics of celebs on DeviantArt, or a billion-dollar company publishing a video about spreadsheet art. As you might have guessed by the headline, I’d like to share the latter with you.

Google asked Jason, Ethan, Anna, and Gargiulov to work together simultaneously on a single Google Docs spreadsheet. Each cell in the 100 row x 186 col spreadsheet was filled using 18 different colors. The entire process was captured in time-lapse.">

When stating that Google gets “funky”, I refer to the process of promoting its products with fun videos. Not to the incredible dull holiday season picture the four Google adorers created. Anyway, if you’re interested in how they did it, here’s some behind the scenes action.

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