Blogging from Kathmandu, Nepal

Blogging from Kathmandu, Nepal
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Traffic in Kathmandu

A squirrel watches me while I’m typing this article in a walled garden. Not an online one, like AOL, but a psychical space called “The Garden of Dreams”. It’s a place of silence, peace, and westerners in the heart of Kathmandu. There’s a hefty uproar going on outside. Two students were (probably) killed by Maoists last month and the anger about that incident heated up yesterday. My favorite wifi bar is closed, since the windows of nearby buildings have been smashed by bricks. I had to pay a small entrance fee to find a suitable workplace with wifi. It’s a totally different place than my normal working space, a fun office in downtown Amsterdam.

“What is this?! A travel blog?” – you might ask by now. Yeah, sorry for that, I just want to give you an insight in the daily life of your blogger. I’ll keep on writing about European tech news. But not without the hope to cover some web- and tech related news here as well.

Stabilizer to get power in Kathmandu
Voltage stabilizer

If you know someone in this city, please drop me a line. I’d be glad to interview him or her about their online activities.

My online activities find place by the mercy of my Macbook battery and the availability of wifi. There’s no power here during the days, only at night. So I’m charging my laptop at night, while a stabilizer (see picture) makes sure it doesn’t set on fire.

So much for my travel update, back to the tech blogging now. RSS reader, where are thou?

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