JS-909: A drum machine in JavaScript

JS-909: A drum machine in JavaScript

We all know the hype of Applications moving online with Gmail, Google Docs and other popular webaps as examples. But a drum machine? That works? In Javascript???

Yep, that is what the people at TheManInBlue have built as a demonstration. All without libraries and without Flash. The developer published as a demo of what is possible with Javascript and hasn’t tested it on all browsers. But he does offer this:

“I do guarantee that if I’m running it on my computer, on a stage, through a loud speaker system with plenty of bass, in front of a couple hundred people, it kinda makes me feel like a rockstar.”

It is supposed to work in IE6, Firefox 3 and Safari 3 as long as you have the Quicktime Plug-in installed. Sounds like it will work on all Macs and some Windows machines to me. Check it out, and pump up the bass!


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