OneRiot (re)Launches to the Public

OneRiot (re)Launches to the Public

OneRiot , a ‘social search engine that finds the pulse of the web’ launched publicly today. The goal of the search engine is to create a realtime digg or reddit, where the most viewed sites on a topic rise to the top of the results. OneRiot is a rebranding of (archive), which has installed millions of plugins to browsers tracking their viewing habits.

It is built upon the top of the Yahoo! Search BOSS platform.

Testing it out, I referenced a few searches against a real time traffic surge (stories popular on digg or reddit):

Testing out Digg:

Are You Making These 10 CSS Mistakes?
OneRiot search: “10 CSS Mistakes
The #1 term is the referenced digg article, but is not listed as popular or trending.

Testing out Reddit:

PNG .vs. JPEG (the most popular story on reddit)
OneRiot search: “PNG .vs. JPEG
The popular comic was nowhere to be found.

The popular terms feature a specific editor made ‘backstory’ to the subject, making it possible to find your answer without clicking through to any other site. For instance a hot topic “OneRiot Launches ” reveals the ‘backstory’

“Backstory: OneRiot is a social search engine that finds the pulse of the web. Find the news, videos and products that people are talking about right now in relation to any search term. Don’t just find information, find the pulse of the web.”

It is just launched, and has some great easter eggs, such as this meta description:  <meta content=”Get Tobias/Scott H to fill in this lovely keyword desc” name=”keywords”/>.

It will be exciting to see how the startup refines their results, and if those constantly changing results get indexed in other search engines.

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