Obama; was it all just to win the elections?

Obama; was it all just to win the elections?

A lot of people are holding their breath right now and are wondering if Obama is really about everything he preached during the elections. Is he really going to fix the economy? Is he going to ‘Change’ everything? Is he really devoted to new technology?

Well, I certainly hope so but the first signs are bad. As you might know @BarackObama is the most popular Twitter user by far with more than 128.000 followers. But ever since he won the elections on the 5th of November he stopped updating. This is his last tweet:

Twitter / BarackObama

Well, thank YOU too. But we didn’t expect you to stop listening and talking after you got where you are now? What’s next? Will you stop returning our calls? Decide NOT to change after all? What happened to ‘Yes we can”? How about “Yes We Can Tweet!”

If you are following @BarackObama let him know we won’t allow him to leave! Send him a message RIGHT NOW:

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