Dutch start-up Soocial, Hassle-free contacts, launches

Dutch start-up Soocial, Hassle-free contacts, launches

Soocial LogoSoocial, the Dutch Plaxo competitor, is officially launching today. They have been in closed beta for a while now but are confident enough about their technology to invite the general public now. Soocial enables you to sync your data between your computers, your phones and web applications like Gmail and other web based information managers.

We just spoke with CEO Stefan Fountain who is currently visiting San Francisco (together with co-founder Daniel Spronk) and will speak at the Under the Radar conference there. As of today Soocial will also support Outlook and the Blackberry and over 400 types of mobile phones.

Unfortunately the Blackberry sync won’t be available until later this week and the Outlook client is still in Alpha and who would want to risk their AddressBook with an Alpha product?

Stefan explained that in the future he wants Soocial to able to sync with Windows Live, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn and devices like the iPhone. Soocial also had meetings this week with several companies, including Plaxo, to discuss working together. According to Stefan the people at Plaxo, contrary to what you might expect, reacted very positive and do not consider Soocial a competitor at this time. They mentioned that Soocial could become a potential business partner that could strengthen their Mobile services offerings.

As you can see from the their logo and website the founders of Soocial have a well developed sense of humor and aren’t shy to promote their service in originals ways. Below is a victory dance Stefan did after they raised their first round of funding. Well, I just made that up. I have no idea why he did that dance but it looks very impressive to me. Watch it and decide for yourself:

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