Last month we bought in an auction at for only $1000. It took a while to transfer the domain to our hosting provider but it worked out and today we decided to take a deep breath and switch our blog from to

The .org version of our domain will always work too but now redirects to the .com url. No need to update any old links! We will also start using the .com version for our email addresses but the old ones will also keep working.

So far it looks like everything still works but we are keeping an eye on it and if you see something that doesn’t seem to work as expected please do let us know. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any effect when it comes to Search Engine Optimization but I can imagine that readers are more inclined to return to a blog that has a .com domain name. Right now almost 30% of all our traffic comes from Google so we are keeping on eye on that too!

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