Google Reader: Auto Translate Feeds

Google Reader: Auto Translate Feeds

The Google ‘Reader team’ has announced a pretty cool feature for people interested in the rest of the world: automatic translation in Google Reader!

The integration of Google Translate into Google Reader was done by Brett Bavar, a Google Employee, as part of a 20% project. As you might know Google employees (only in the US) can spend 20% of their time on products and services of their own choosing.

The new integrated translation tools allow you to follow any blog in Google Reader which will then be translated on-the-fly, in your reader.

We all know that computer translated texts don’t always make sense. This is especially true for personal blogs which often use their own style, slang and typos which make it extremely hard to translate for someone or something not familiar with the subject.

Still, it is pretty cool to be able to read blogs in Japanese, Spanish and Chinese from within your Google Reader. If you don’t speak or read English now is your chance to also follow this blog in your own language. Or, as Google would say:



Si usted no habla Inglés o leer ahora es el cambio a seguir también este blog en su propio idioma.

Om du inte talar eller läser engelska är nu din förändring för att också följa den här bloggen på ditt eget språk.

Jeśli nie rozmawiać lub czytać angielskie teraz jest również zmiana tego bloga w swoim własnym języku.

Если не говорить или читать Английский сейчас ваши изменения, также последуют этому блогу в вашем родном языке.

إذا كنت لا يتكلم أو يقرأ الانجليزية الخاص بك الآن هو تغيير أيضا لمتابعة هذا بلوق في لغتك الأم.

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