RoNewMedia – the newest Romanian web conference

RoNewMedia – the newest Romanian web conference

In the past posts I presented two Romanian web festivals/conferences: Webstock and Internetics

You might wonder “How many Romanian web festivals will you present? And how many of them are there??

Well, I have two more for you and we are done for this year :).

The newest entrant in this area is RoNewMedia conference. The first edition was held on May 29, 2008 and the next edition is being held as we speak (11 November) at JW Marriot Grand hotel from Romanian capital, Bucharest.

This edition there are even more speakers than the last edition: 34 (many international speakers too)

Last edition drew 450 participants and this number is expected to rise this edition.
In this edition new web projects will be presented and discussed, case studies will be analyzed, real life examples will be shown, networking between participants will be made possible.

There are some high profile international speakers like:
– Alexis Bonte (Investor – and
– Miguel Ripoll (Creative Director –
– Luca Passani (Mobile consultant – WURFL-Pro)
– Marvin Liao (Director of Sales Development for Yahoo! Inc’s Emerging Markets Business Unit)
– Matthew Bowden (Project Manager – Inside Mobile)
– Attila Bihari (Founder –
– Lampros Latsaras (Managing Director –
– Alexander R. Trommen (Marketing director –

As well as some local speakers:
– Marius Ghenea (President –
– Gabriel Sora (Product manager – Vodafone)
– Dragos Manac (Founder –
– Orlando Nicoara (Director – Media Pro Interactiv)
– Anca Fieraru (Director – eResearch Corp.)
– Lucian Despoiu (Founder –
– Ionut Oprea (Director – IAB Romania and
– Dragos Novac (Director –

One of the main attaction of this conference is the RoWebDesign Awards section which will select and award the best designed romanian websites which are totally original (it is called “anti copy-paste” award). There are no competition categories. The only criterias for a site to enter in the competition is to be absolutely original in design and to be romanian.

This new festival managed also to attract powerful partners and sponsors like The Money Channel, Vodafone, Business Standard, Cotidianul, HTTPool Marketing.

The fact that there’s so many web conferences and festivals shows the apetite of Romania in digesting this new communication media.

I will not be surprised if other new events will pop up next year.

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