Boost brainstorm sessions with Getty Images’s Moodstream

Boost brainstorm sessions with Getty Images’s Moodstream

Getty Images, one of world’s largest stock photo suppliers, has launched a brainstorm tool called
Moodstream. By showing you photos and movies from their seemingly endless archive, the stock giant wants you to get inspired. Music (with or without vocals) takes care of the final touch.

But don’t expect this to be some random slideshow-like tool, since Getty Images has created a lot of parameters that only have one purpose: suiting your mood. So right now I’m tired from watching last night’s elections (stayed up to 6am), happy that Obama won, and a bit stressed since I’ve got a lot of work to do. That translates into the following streams:

Moodstream looks beautiful and is a rather sophisticated tool. You can even save streams for later. There’s just one thing that bothers me. For a brainstorm, some pictures are a bit too dull. I miss photos which are on the edge, the ones that get you really out there. Other than that, great find.

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