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My favorite and most trustworthy resource for news and analysis about alternative search engines is Founder and editor Charles Knight carefully documents the revolution in search, which is going on as we speak. Those search start-ups with new algorithms, smart crowd source approaches, and different UI’s explore new frontiers.

From June 2007 till now, the site was part of the ReadWriteWeb network. Richard MacManus, founder and editor of ReadWriteWeb, helped Knight build Altsearchengines to the large blog it is now. According to Compete, had 40 thousand unique visitors from the U.S. in September 2008, up 92% from September 2007.

Alternative Search Engines' Day
Altsearchengines meeting in San Francisco

Apart from the fine coverage, Knight regularly organizes meetings where search start-ups have the possibility to network and present themselves. I visited those at New York and San Francisco. Both inspired me to write quite a large number of articles about alt search engines. So yes, both online and offline, Knight effectively promotes the pioneers of search.

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