No Pain No Gain!

No Pain No Gain!

One of the founders of The Next Web Conference & Blog, Patrick de Laive, is laying in a hospital bed in the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht. Last night they performed a pretty standard procedure in which they removed a Hernia. I read all about Hernias at WikiPedia but unless you have a strong stomach I would suggest skipping that.

Within 1 hour after the procedure Patrick was back online  Twittering and commenting on blog posts. The hospital has wi-fi in every room and even offers an eCard service which you can use for free to send cards to patients there.

Patrick is not bored at all and talks enthusiastically about the room service, excellent ICT infrastructure and what movies he is going to watch (he brought 15 DVDs) and the fact that he has a TV in his room for only €3 a day.

The pain in his back seems to be gone but is now replaced by the pain of the stitches in his back. If you have a minute left send Patrick an ecard via the Hospital eCard system or leave a comment here!
Location: Dortwijk
Section: D2

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