How many authors does it take to have a conversation about “2.0”?

How many authors does it take to have a conversation about “2.0”?

The answer is 236. I’m one of 237 authors who have contributed to the publication ‘Age of Conversation 2 – Why don’t they get it?‘ and I’m very happy to announce that you can buy the book from 08:00 US EST today, 29th October 2008 here – For those of you in the UK, that’s on sale from 12 Noon today, 13:00 in Netherlands, France, Spain etc.

The publication is a series of themed short essays, involving 237 marketing professionals who blog from 29 states throughout the USA, and from 14 other nations from Australia to the Ukraine. All contributed one page — 400 words — on the topic of “conversation”.

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My contribution to ‘AOC2’ was a chapter entitled “You’re a facilitator, not a creative…” in the section of the book called ‘A New Brand of Creative’.

“I can think at about 1250 words per minute, but can only speak at about 250wpm. So I am five times more clever when I keep my mouth shut…” – David Petherick, writing in Age of Conversation 2

There are two important things to note: 1) You can get it in hardback, or in paperback or in e-book format and 2) All the proceeds go to the International children’s charity, Variety. Not one of the authors receives a complimentary copy – we have to buy ours too. The authors are aiming to raise $15,000 for the charity – if you order a copy, add your name below in the comments, and I’ll send you a special extra gift to say thanks.

So if you’d like an autographed or personalised copy, or a review copy – then buy it, ship it to me, and I’ll send it on – my contact details are here. It would be quite a feat to get all 237 authors to sign it – any ideas on how to do that ‘2.0 style’?

Full list of authors is here. Good old fashioned press release is here.

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