Learn from Mippin: ditch press releases, make videos

Learn from Mippin: ditch press releases, make videos

You probably won’t believe this, but it’s true. Really. I received a press release yesterday that just had a pdf attachment. How different is the approach of Mippin, a London-based start-up that redesigns online content for mobile consumption. In July they brought back the Pepsi challenge and now they’ve managed to surprise me with a funny video (see below).

The whole team makes an appearance during this offline translation of an online concept (I guess the prettiest female team member was selected for the main role).


As you might have guessed, the new feature is concerned with social content discovery. Mippin will provide its users with quick, easy and smart introductions to a huge new amount of content that are automatically personalized around their interests, plus they’ll also be able to meet other users who are similar to you using the “Similarity Meter”.

Maybe you couldn’t care less about this new Mippin feature. That’s all fine. But learn one thing from this post: be original when approaching bloggers. Sometimes all you need to do is grab a handcam.

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