Linkbait or not, lists of Twitter groups are awesome

Linkbait or not, lists of Twitter groups are awesome

Ronald Bien, a 21-year old designer from the Philippines is a fairly popular blogger with 706 RSS readers. He’ll probably welcome some more subscribers these days, since he posted one of those perfect linkbait posts two days ago.

Bien made a list the 150 most active designers on Twitter, including some European folks like Veerle (Belgium) and Bartelme Design (Austria). Apart from the list, the post only contains some words on why Twitter is great.

So, yeah obvious linkbait.., but who cares? A friend of mine, Floris Dekker, is a really talented designer who just got started on Twitter. Thanks to Bien’s efforts, he knows who to follow now.

There’s your inspiration for some useful linkbait. What kind of group are you going to make? Start-up heroes? Web 2.0 babes? Go for it and help like-minded people on Twitter out.

So if you’d excuse me now, I’m off to create a list of European tech bloggers on Twitter.

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