Polaroids aren’t dead thanks to Poladroid!

Polaroids aren’t dead thanks to Poladroid!

via spacedive on flickr
pic via spacedive on flickr

Poladroid is a really classy little desktop app which lets you convert pictures instantaneously into awesome Polaroid style shots like the ones you can see to the right. The program is currently Mac only with a Windows version in the works so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

All you need to do is download the app, launch it, drag n drop your photos into the Polaroid icon and let the app work it’s magic. The beauty of the tool is sitting back and watching the app “develop” your photos, you’ll see what I mean once you’ve given it a shot. The application is completely free although they are accepting donations.

There’s a flickr group with a great selection of Polaroids that people have uploaded which is worth checking out. Here’s a video giving you a run through of the app, really cool stuff.

Thanks to Matthew Packer for the heads up and the both interesting & entertaining video! :)

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