Hugh MacLeod: “Blogs aren’t dead, people are”

Hugh MacLeod: “Blogs aren’t dead, people are”

BLOG08: Blogs aren't dead, people are

BLOG08 starts in less than an hour and the program is full of rock’n’roll bloggers who will talk about the various aspects of blogging from different angles. Blogs are alive and kicking, in contrast to the provocative Wired article that once again declared blogs dead. Speaker Scott Rafer referred to the article as the “perfect linkbait.”


Hugh MacLeod summed it all up at last night’s BLOG08 speakers dinner when he drew one of his famous cards at the dining table “blogs aren’t dead, people are.” When being asked if he referred to the Wired article he said he was not thinking of the article when drawing but explained that he often draws from his subconsciousness.


Organizers Ernst-Jan Pfauth (left) and Edial Dekker (middle) and speaker Scott Rafer (right)


Looking at Hugh MacLeod’s aka gapingvoid’s presentation (l) and preparing BLOG08 badges (r)

More photos can be found in the BLOG08 Flickr group, please add tag your photos blog08 and feel free to add them to the group.

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