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Michael Arrington launching in New York.

The reason this blog exists is because we started a conference a few years back to promote our start-up: Out of that conference grew this blog and a lot more beautiful stuff that keeps us occupied every day. Today, I want to give you an update on where we stand and announce some news.

We started in August 2005 and have been working on it ever since. We have a loyal, but small, group of users and great technology. Fleck is an Annotation Service with an important Sharing component. You can easily add notes to pages and share these annotated pages with groups you set-up or with Friends via email.

Our goal was to build a service that would make it extremely easy to share interesting content online within smaller, and bigger, companies. Sharing the “collective wisdom” is what we used as a pitch to the companies we talked to. It all works and it is scalable! - Annote the web
Current homepage

After three years however it is time for a change. Fleck needs a new home where it can flourish. It would be a great addition to a company that already has a loyal user group and would like to offer these users an exciting tool to tie them into their brand. We have talked to a few companies about such a deal but so far we haven’t been able to finalize anything.

So, now we are going public: Fleck is for sale! We know now that it won’t make us millionaires and our investors understand that they won’t see a great return on investment on this one. Our goal right now is to find a good partner and make sure Fleck gets another chance.

Interested? Contact [email protected] or leave a comment here.

Techcrunch wrote an article about it as well.

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