Tikitag opens worldwide store, RFID for the masses?

Tikitag opens worldwide store, RFID for the masses?

Belgium based tikitag, a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, is moving full force to get RFID technology opened up to a mass audience, boasting a low price point, easy-to-use technology and a developer platform. After opening up their e-store for US customers last week, international customers now have the opportunity to purchase a reader + 10 RFID tags too.

The price in EUR is 34,95 for the starter package, and you can buy additional tags per 25 for 19,95 EUR.

(Also check out Violet / Ztampz, who is doing something similar)

I’m about to receive one in the mail, courtesy of the guys at tikitag, and I can’t wait to start playing with that stuff. I honestly think the ‘internet of things’, or linking everyday objects to the net is the future of the web, although it may not come as rapidly as some might hope.

How about you? Are you a RFID believer or rather sceptic?

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