How are YOU going to show off your traveling?

How are YOU going to show off your traveling?

Dopplr got a rather spectacular injection of money recently – adding names like Saul Klein to their financial backers. It meant a new episode in an online travel battle, where Dopplr shows power play – they have the celebrities behind them – and Tripit tries to seduce you with innovative travel-adding technologies.

But in the end, it all comes down to the viral effect of their services. If your friends are on one travel site, you aren’t likely to register on the other. So badges are vital. Dopplr already offered a public profile and widgets for a while, and now Tripit has added a blog widget to their arsenal as well.

The travel sites choose a completely different style. Ok, they both have the impressive statistics thing going on (as long as you travel a lot, of course), but where Dopplr seems to choose for cool maps and a visually appealing app, Tripit goes for simplicity and a RSS feed:

So.., after reading this post, have you decided how to show of your traveling?

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