Glassdoor adds multi-currency information, lets you take inside look at your salary in euros

Glassdoor adds multi-currency information, lets you take inside look at your salary in euros, a web service that allows for inside glimpses into over 11,000 companies based on their own employees’ reports, has added a small but impactful feature to their offer: multi-currency information.

Benchmark-backed Glassdoor was founded in 2007 by Microsoft and Expedia veterans and launched its public beta in June 2008, with relative fanfare and rave reviews. It is designed to help employees, job seekers, employers and recruiters to simultaneously see unedited employee opinions about a company’s work environment, along with details of pay, benefits and executive approval ratings. And now these payment details include multi-currency info, which is a significant step for Glassdoor if it wants to expand its service on a global scale.

In their own words:

This wasn’t as easy as you might think. People get paid in more ways than you can imagine and it gets even more complicated when you throw in local currencies and workplace conventions for more than 100 countries. Thankfully we were able to find a simple solution that addressed a few issues, and in doing so we have set the course for much broader international support. There’s a lot more work to do and we’re still a ways from offering versions in local languages, but with this move we’ve made a commitment to deliver on the universal appeal of workplace transparency.

Glassdoor has added two other features: one that allows users to filter the information they’re looking for more efficiently, and one being an “employer” feature that allows a representative for one of the many companies being reviewed to have the ability to comment on reviews and engage in a conversation with Glassdoor employees to make sure their information is accurate.

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