Living on Twitter? Here’s a way to make money off it!

Living on Twitter? Here’s a way to make money off it!

Twitterholics and Twiddicts beware: there’s a new ad network in town, and it’s aiming for you!

Steve Rubel just penned a piece on Adjix, a new URL shortening service slash advertising network that turns your shortened links into ad-supported destinations. The service is currently in beta – we wouldn’t have it any other way – and is limited to the United Stated for the time being.

The company behind it, SMS Pal, also put out an open API to play with.

Here’s how it works:

People who shorten links, called linkers, can earn money when using Adjix. Adjix places an ad at the top of each page, when a link is shortened, without altering the orginal content. Advertisers can launch online ad campaigns on Adjix and be up and running in minutes.

For example, the following link was shortened using Adjix. Note the Adjix ads streaming into the top of page:

Hold your horses, it won’t make you wealthy:

Linkers earn $0.10/1000 unique link views (10 cents CPM per unique link impressions) and $0.20 for each valid, unique, click-through. In other words, Linkers receive $0.0001/link impression and $0.20/ad click-through. Advertisers can place ads for $0.35 per 1000 ad impressions (35 cents CPM for ad impressions) and $0.75 per valid click-through.

Think of it this way: is TinyURL or paying you anything while you’re out there spoiling all your followers with cool links?

(By the way, here’s me on Twitter. I promise not to make me money of your back when you click on stuff I share.)

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