Some international attention for wiretapping in Sweden please

Some international attention for wiretapping in Sweden please

Last June, the Sweden’s parliament approved controversial new laws allowing authorities to spy on all Internet traffic and telephone connections, starting in January 2009. The wiretapping won’t be limited to physical borders, meaning the Swedes won’t just listen to the conversations of its citizens, but also to those from people all over the world.

This decision has already stirred some hefty discussions in the Swedish blogosphere and press. Yet the people behind Urban Lifestyle, a Swedish company devoted to helping companies and people to navigate and understand the social web, feel like the whole world should be aware of the upcoming wiretapping.

So Urban Lifestyle owner Tomas Nihlén mailed me they’re working on a web documentary, in English, that is scheduled for publishing somewhere in the beginning of September. What I particularly like about this noble initiative is that Nihlén wants to know WHO he should interview. You can nominate yourself, or for the less vain persons, somebody you consider to be an expert. Nihlén will keep track of the names on this page.

So far, there’s just a witty trailer that shows what can be the consequences. I just hope they’ll leave the Powerpoint-like sounds out of the final product.

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