Improve your productivity: use iPhone optimized sites

Improve your productivity: use iPhone optimized sites

Web Worker Daily is a great blog for tips about productivity and tools. Some are so good that I can’t risk you missing them. Like the one from Scott Blitstein that I’m going to discuss now.

He advises to use the iPhone optimized versions of your favorite web apps with a site-specific browser. That’s a dedicated web browser designed to show a specific web site in its own screen, rather than mixing it with the other stuff in your browser. Fluid for example, allows Mac users to create “applications” of a site. Adam Darowski explains how this tool can bring the Google Reader iPhone version to your desktop. Blitstein uses Bubbles (for Windows) to bring his favorite GTD app to his desktop.

So how will this improve your productivity? Well, the answer is quite simple. iPhone optimized sites don’t have all the fancy graphics, advertisements, and the 1000 extra features in store – so the distraction factor is low. Moreover, the UI of most iPhone tools is very plain and to-the-point. That will save you some time. For more complicated tasks, you can always switch to the normal view. But all in all, those iPhone apps can form a handy dashboard on your computer.

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