Facebook Under Massive Phishing Attack From China

Facebook Under Massive Phishing Attack From China

Facebook is under attack with numerous phishing scams. It looks like the network effect is coming into full swing to allow the prolification of these scammers to spread virally. The worrying thing about these scams is that they are increasingly sophisticated.

Even Firefox’s alert warning “Get me out of here” did not work on this site (the second time it did), I can find no trace of the domains IP address as it is not listed on the whois.bizcn.com (who are their registrar).

This is the URL: FACEilBOOK.com.

How the phishing attack works

You’ll get a message from one of your friends saying to log in, then if you do, you compromise your default username/password. What worries me is that many people are lazy and use the same passwords for their other online accounts (such as Paypal etc.). Therefore, these attacks can become extremely malicious.

This is the information I have on this above scam:

Registrar: BIZCN.COM, INC.
changfeng zhang
03783306601 fax: 03783306601
kaifeng henan 475100

Clearly these are dangerous people. If you do compromise your password, you could find yourself in one big identity theft mess.

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