Comcast acquires Daily Candy for 125 million dollars

Comcast acquires Daily Candy for 125 million dollars

Women are beautiful. Street photographer Garry Winogrand stated this in 1975 and he’s absolutely right. Online marketeers also agree with him and they don’t leave any chance unused to make some money out of their online presence.

Ask Glam Media, the publishing company that focuses on women and recently acquired ad agencies in the UK and Germany. But the big women marketing-related news of today is the $125 million dollar acquisition of online women’s magazine Daily Candy by Comcast.

Daily Candy – formerly owned by Pilot Group Ventures – sends its subscribers a daily email with tips, news, and info about fashion, food, travel and other glossy magazine-like topics.

Comcast was battling with Viacom to acquire DailyCandy, which allegedly makes 25 million dollars a year. Comcast has beaten the other advertising giant with 5 million dollars. Women are beautiful, especially in the world of online publishing.

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