Youtube to offer video annotation soon

Youtube to offer video annotation soon

Google has acquired Omnisio, a service that allows users to annonate video’s and mash-up videos. Omnisio was founded by three Australians about six months ago. Youtube had its own “remixing” feature before, but had been abandoned ever since. Google announced that the Omnisio team will join Youtube, to integrate the technology in a attempt to make Youtube more interactive.

Another cool feature that the service might bring to Youtube is the ability to synchronize Slideshare presentations. Users where also able to import videos from Youtube, Google video and

Omnisio is a Y Combinator company, a investor in early stage ideas. They also successfully sold Reddit. TeaxtPayme and Anywhere.FM. Nobody mentioned any numbers about the Youtube deal, but Techcrunch heard whispers of a deal in the $15 (€10) million range.

Most functions on the Omnisio page have been disabled, with a notification that refers to the Youtube page.

Viddix also aimes at the same market by offering the possibility to show presentation slides next to video’s.

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