Google Knol: How I reached Page 1 on Google in 24 hours.

Google Knol: How I reached Page 1 on Google in 24 hours.

read russian - Google Search
The Google Knol I created just yesterday entitled ‘How to Read the Russian Alphabet in 75 Minutes‘ is already appearing on Page 1 of a Google Search for “read russian” with 12,300,000 results following.

The curious fact that you can’t find the same content in a search within Google Knol is obviously a beta-release issue, but that’s still a pretty impressive result for content that I created and put online only yesterday. DISCLOSURE: Google say they’ll pay me from any Adsense revenue the page generates!

Well, we’ll see how it develops, but it looks like a fairly effective way to share your knowledge, get good search positions, and also perhaps make some money. Until someone pinches your content…

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