Agent Vi raises $9 million for bringing analytics to enterprise video

Agent Vi raises $9 million for bringing analytics to enterprise video

Israel-based maker of enterprise video analytics software Agent Video Intelligence has raised $9 million in Series B funding from its existing backer, U.S. based VC firm 21Ventures. That’s exactly the same amount they had already raised, so that brings the total to $18 million. The funding is earmarked for sales and marketing and ongoing product development.

Agent Vi delivers solutions for improved security, business intelligence and operations. The technology is pretty cool, too: Agent VI customers can immediately spot and report a person reaching over an unattended jewelry counter; detect a vehicle tailgating through an entry point; detect a person approaching a perimeter; monitor how long a customer views a merchandise display, etc.

Sounds like a valuable solution for casinos, government properties, airports, shopping malls, and so on. I’m left wondering how their technology could be used for online video, though. Sounds like great things could come out of that, but there’s probably not enough money there (yet?).

You can see Agent Vi in action in their demo videos, which are sadly and inexplicably not embeddable.

If you’re still wondering why incorporating intelligent video analytics may be a good idea, the company has listed ten reasons on its corporate blog which are worth checking out.

(Via PE Hub)

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