Twitter, what are YOU doing?

Twitter, what are YOU doing?

That the Twitter service is choking up every now and then is nothing new. The Twitter team had made numerous attempts to improve the continuity of the service, as they reduced features such as the reply tab, capping pagination and blocking instant messaging from time to time. It seems that all these efforts have not reduced their down-time at all.

Louis Gray mentions that the list of reduced features can be extended once again, as Twitter is tweaking their authenticated API hits again. It seems that Twitter capped API requests down to 100 hits per hour, unannounced. This causes a lot of frustration by many users, but especially with the people behind the many applications that are making use and rely on Twitter for their data. If I was working my ass off to create something valuable for the Twitter community, only to find that Twitter keeps limiting the access to their service, I would be very demotivated to continue Twitter development. It makes me wonder if Twitter realizes the viral effect that third party applications can have. (read more)

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