Rumor: Amazon Kindle 2 Coming This Fall

Rumor: Amazon Kindle 2 Coming This Fall

We would like to give you an early suggestion for the holiday season, Crunchgear heard an “insider” whisper at Amazon about an update to their electronic book reader. The electronic book seller is planning to release the first as early as October 2008. The “insider” told Crunchgear that Amazon has “Skipped three or four generations” in comparison to the iPod releases.

There is a lot of criticism about the original Kindle in terms of ergonomic use, some say that it is hard to read from the device and accidentally pressing one of the buttons. The first expected model would have an improved interface and setup with the same type of screen but a smaller form factor. The second expected model would be considerably larger and shaped at the size of an A4 paper. Both models are expected to be available in trendy new colors, there are no price indications yet.

We were hoping that Amazon would take the Kindle a step further and supply the nifty device with some foldable LCD screens. But who knows what the future of this device might bring, A4 sized reading would at least improve the experience dramatically, and we look forward to get our hands on one of these babies. (read more)

Listen here to what Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has to say about the Kindle

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