FotoDesk snaps up ColorPlaza and FlauntR, and gets a new CEO in the process

FotoDesk snaps up ColorPlaza and FlauntR, and gets a new CEO in the process

FlauntR, an online photo editor, and ColorPlaza, a pioneer in online photo finishing and portfolio company of New Value AG, have been acquired by FotoDesk. All three companies are based in Switzerland. With the Colorplaza deal, New Value did a share swap, and also invested CHF 1.0 million into the FotoDesk Group. New Value will own 45 % of FotoDesk Group.

FotoDesk is rolling out a unique online imaging service that combines photo editing, printing, sharing and storage in a single seamless service. FotoDesk provides services across Europe, through sites in 9 languages.

It will address the traditional online print market through its two consumer brands ColorMailer and FastLab, which it obtained in the ColorPlaza acquisition. FlauntR will also become a key part of its offering. The online photo editing service integrates nicely with photo sharing services like Picasa and Flickr, but also a slew of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces and blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal. Galleries with commenting systems and Slideshows with transition effects are supported for users to share and showcase content both onsite and offsite.

FlauntR CEO Bal Balaji will now head up FotoDesk as part of the agreement.

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