Let’s figure this out: a Facebook app for search keywords

Let’s figure this out: a Facebook app for search keywords

In March I covered AndUnite, a service that matches your search keywords with those from other people – to help you find folks with similar interests. Although this idea may sound kind of awkward, I felt – and still feel – that Bernd Storm van‘s Gravesande and Christian Schmidkonz had developed a useful search plugin. You don’t need to tag, bookmark, or anything in that direction, AndUnite just works in the background, slowly but steadily connecting you to interesting people. Very 3.0. Moreover, it’s possible to sign up anonymously – so they’re hardly any privacy issues involved. But now, these two German gentlemen have taken it a step too far for me.

They’ve developed a Facebook application that allows you to share your searches. This was, apparently, a “major request by many users’. But why? Why would you want to share these – mostly boring or private – keywords on your Facebook profile. That’s what I want to figure out with you. Please tell me why you would, or wouldn’t, want to install this app.

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