Who loves the sun? Try dancing for energy

Who loves the sun? Try dancing for energy

Today is Glastonbury day. World’s largest music festival kicks off this morning and will feature artists like the Editors, Gossip, Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse, Manu Chao, The Raconteurs, The Verve, and MGMT. The area where Glastonbury takes place is pretty spacious, so the lucky ones who got a ticket might loose their friends in the music chaos. No problem, as long as your phone works. But what if.., your battery is flat?

Lately, rumors about solar iPhones have been zooming around. But to quote the Velvet Underground, “Who Loves The Sun?” – if there’s a alternative around that’s way more fun? Mobile phone operator Orange and GotWind – a company specializing in renewable energy – have teamed up to test a product during Glastonbury that charges a phone by using your dance moves.

Instead of just enjoying the music, you’re also generating some power with a geeky cool-looking light weight device. The portable kinetic energy chargers are attached to your arm, employing a system of weights and magnet which provide electric current which is stored in a special battery.

So next time you’re at a festival, looking for your friends, try to dance like a maniac for a while and then charge that battery.

This is one of those rare posts that actually doesn’t concern the web in any way, but just tech. I just had to share it with you though. Hope you don’t mind.

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