Learnit: learning a new language just got interesting

Learnit: learning a new language just got interesting

I don’t often get excited enough about a new application to actually use it, let alone write about it, but given this is a European focused startup amplifier, there could be no better home for an article about this application.

language class

From an ideas point of view, it is very interesting. Using the bombardment technique abused by marketeers to indoctrinate you, Learnit are instead using indoctrination for a productive purpose, teaching you a new language.

Teachers know something, they say you have to repeat the process you are trying to learn 50 times before it sinks in. Learnit does this by repeating and repeating the ten words that it allocates you to learn that day.

As an analytical mindset, I find learning French very hard, I don’t do well with teach-yourself CD’s, schools seem to be inefficient and a drag on time. There must be a better way to learn a language.

The beauty of Learnit is the elegance. It tells you what the curriculum for the day is and then silently just hangs around in the background waiting for that moment that your attention wanders and you’re ready for another dose. It’s like learning in your time when you want rather than having an agenda that is set, such as traditional methods – miss this class and you miss an episode.

A great example of elegant design

From a technical point of view and as an app developer myself, I’m also impressed. This is a fine example of merging and mashing up data and tools provided by others to create something unique and, most importantly, elegant.

So if you’re struggling away learning a new language, try Learnit. It just might stick on my own radar for longer than most of the ‘five-minute wonder’ apps you see these days.

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