Google News-suing Copiepresse loves to look back

Google News-suing Copiepresse loves to look back

Some media companies are still holding on to their old-values, desperately trying to make money like they used to. Take Copiepresse for example, this Belgian French-language newspaper company wants Google News to pay them 49 million Euros. Why? Because Google News drives traffic to their sites? Because Google News introduces kids to this strange phenomenon called newspapers? No.., the way Copiepresse sees it, Google News is stealing away ad revenue by indexing the articles published by Copiepresse’s newspapers.

Google\'s frontpage after the last Copiepresse court caseSad but true, Copiepresse has already won a case like this against Google in 2006. And now they’re after the money.

Apart from the fact that Copiepresse can prevent the indexing by creating a robot.txt file, their attitude is simply embarrassing. Instead of profiting from all the beautiful opportunities the new web offers, Copiepresse just focuses on destruction.

Not only symbolizes this complaints of many media experts like Dan Lyons – aka Fake Steve Jobs-, it also ruins the reputation of traditional media in general. There’s a lot of talent and potential in that industry which I and probably many others would like to welcome in this beautiful new world, yet their executives are way too busy looking backwards. I’m sorry guys, those good old one-to-many days are almost over.

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