Thar’s gold in them domain names!

Thar’s gold in them domain names!

I guess we all know that selling domain names can be pretty good business. But exactly how much money is in that business is anybody’s guess. To give you an impression of what your 4 letter, dictionary safe, erotic style domain name could be worth here is a list of the most expensive domain names ever sold:

1. $12.5 million
2. $9.5 million
3. $7.5 million
4. $7.5 million
5. $5.5 million
6. $5 million
7. $5 million
8. $3.3 million
9. $3 million
10. $3 million

The interesting thing about this list is the amount of traffic they all generate as measured by Alexa. is an obvious winner here but is only just getting started. And isn’t even a real site. It just redirects to another domain: (Yeah, I checked so you don’t have to). If I would own such a great domain name I would use it for something more, well, to the point.

Another surprise is Isn’t that a damn ugly and long domain name? I would guess that it would be a lot cheaper than the 5 million they got for that one.

Do you own any domains you don’t use which might be worth more than usual? Tell us in the comments!

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