Eeggi: search and the meaning of text

Eeggi: search and the meaning of text

The first guys I met here are Josh and Sum from the young and enthusiastic team of eeggi. They drove six hours from LA to arrive here 7am sharp. And they had all the reason to do that, since they’ve quite an interesting search engine to present. Josh and Sum from eeggiThey claim it’s the world’s first mathematically-based Search and Retrieve, Response, and Discovery engine (ReDi engine), capable of focusing on the concept of text and not just the text itself”.

So basically, if you searched for an “exciting dvd”, the results would probably also include “breathtaking movie” or “thrilling film”. It reminds me of the iStockphoto‘s search engine, that asks you what the meaning of your ambiguous search terms is. Only eeggi will find that out itself.

After five years of protecting and patenting, the guys from eeggi are now ready to “play”. It only took them three months to develop the prototype, which will launch in open beta in a few months. Josh McMillin, the CFO, told me that they’re going in a total different direction than the other alternative search engines. Sounds promising, let’s see how it turns out.

[reported live from the AltSearchEngines event]

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