MicroRevie.ws: what’s the Twitter community thinking?

MicroRevie.ws: what’s the Twitter community thinking?

Every time when I go to a concert, museum, movie or you name it, a bowling alley, I let my Twitter contacts know how it was. At least, the ones that are watching the Twitter timeline. The contacts who aren’t, will never know how I’ve experienced the night off. Well…, @slack, @danielmorrison and @petelbury have now taken care of this ‘problem’.

MicroRevie.ws: what is the Twitter community thinking?They’ve built MicroRevie.ws, a service that collects reviews from Twitter and turns them into Microformats. That’s a web-based data formatting approach that seeks to bring structure in web data in order to make it findable. However, we don’t have to worry about the technical side, since MicroRevie.ws automatically takes care of that. All we have to know is that our reviews will get picked up by services like Technorati’s Microformats Search. So other people than our contacts will be able to look up our honest and humble opinions.

How does it work? Start following @hreview and update like this:

@hreview Some Great Band; really exciting but too loud

@hreview and the semicolon are required. The semicolon separates what is being reviewed from the opinion.

That leaves one question though, what’s the use of 140 characters reviews..? I’m sure my friends appreciate a short statement about a movie. But why would you mind the non-argumented opinion of a complete stranger?

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