Tweet Clouds: what are you twittering about?

Tweet Clouds: what are you twittering about?

Twitter users can discuss the way you ought to Twitter for ages. Should you solely tell what you’re doing? Or is it better to post interesting links? Tip: if you’re trapped in a discussion like this, there’s a way to make it stop immediately. The magic words? You can always unfollow me.

These endless discussions start with an interesting question though: what are you twittering about? John Krutsch (scripting) and Jared Stein (design) developed a fun app that shows the words you’ve mentioned most by generating a tag cloud. This is ours:

Tweet Clouds

Check your tweet cloud too at Tweet Clouds. Be warned though, it takes 0.04 seconds per tweet. For example, it took 30 minutes to generate Stowe Boyd’s tweet cloud. So as John and Jared say, better grab a beverage while waiting for the insightful results.

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