Photo impression of The Next Web so far

Photo impression of The Next Web so far

For everybody who wanted to be in Amsterdam but couldn’t make it (or is too much of a cheapskate to buy a ticket) some photo’s to get an impression.

The Next Web Bloggers Booth
Left: NextWeb Blogger @ work and Erik Schonfeld from TechCrunch Crunching down a new article.
Right: There was food too.

Left: Lots of great start-ups presented themself during the two days.
Right: Boris interviews Patrick about Frogs on April Fools day.

Left: During the break, the guys from BoomChicago did a great interactive stand-up piece.
Right: Scoble shows a picture of Kevin Rose carrying a chair. Yes people: we have it all..

Left: Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht presenting Diggnation from a Dutch couch! We had free beer (and joints)!
Right: Werner Vogels from Amazon telling us: “Everything always fails..”

More pictures available on Flickr, discuss the presentations via the Jaiku and Twitter channels.

Update: check out the pictures by Pietel and Anne Helmond, they’re excellent.

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