Time Machiner: I will never forget a birthday anymore

Time Machiner: I will never forget a birthday anymore

Yeah! From now on I’ll never forget a birthday of any of my friends and relatives. You know the awkward feeling after you’ve just discovered you have been with somebody in the room for 30 minutes without congratulating him with yet another year. Say goodbye to it, because now you can just paste your birthday calender in the Time Machiner:

Time Machiner

Moreover, you can also send reminders to yourself. Our promise things to you future self: “Hi, two years ago you promised me that by now, you would date Kate Moss”.

Of course there were some other ways to do this as well, yet the amazing thing about this mini app is that it’s build in just 4 hours for only 50 dollars. This seems to be some sort of new trend, building tools and apps in a ridiculously short time. See Tweetburner for example. Michiel Sikkes and Bob Jansen have build this improved Linkblip imitation in just 24 hours.

See the video blog of Jon Wheatly who explains the whole process. He had the idea and Paul Fraser developed it.

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