Stumbling Upon Search, Garrett Camp on the Future of Search and Discovery

Stumbling Upon Search, Garrett Camp on the Future of Search and Discovery

garret.jpgFrom an inside source we’ve heard that Garrett Camp, founder and Chief Architect of StumbleUpon, is preparing a speech on “the Future of Search and Discovery”.
This must be exciting. Think about it for a second, most of the people use the web not even close to its potential. Apart from google and their social network, people have a lot of trouble of ‘what sites to visit’ while surfing.

If you know what you’re looking for, search (Google) is the solution, but what if you don’t know what you’re looking for?
What if you want to be surprised, what if you want to know what is out there, what you can do, see, play or read on the web. The huge success of stumbleupon (compete stats) proves that discovery of new websites and content is an important aspect that is often overlooked when talking about the web. My hunch is that discovery can be at least as big as search, especially if you start in the discovery mode in can switch to search once you’ve stumbled upon a topic or website you’re interested in.

Anyway, who am I to judge…
I think I’ll pay extra attention as Garrett Camp walks up the stage during The Next Web Conference to do his keynote about “the future of search and discovery” (!!).
Yes you’re reading it correctly, Garrett Camp is the Mystery Keynote Speaker during The Next Web Conference next week.

Check out the list of (class A, super inspirational, heavyweight) speakers:

Speakers: confirmed

Garrett Camp, StumbleUponGarrett Camp
Founder and Chief Architect
Werner VogelsWerner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of
Robert Scoble.Robert Scoble
Tech Geek Blogger & Author ‘Naked Conversations
Leah CulverLeah Culver
Co-founder and Lead Developer of Pownce, a social messaging application.
Gil PenchinaGil Penchina
CEO Wikia. Formerly vice president and general manager, international at eBay.
Adeo RessiAdeo Ressi
The Founding Member of, an online resource for CEO’s to research, rate, and review venture funds worldwide.
Nova SpivackNova Spivack
Technology visionary and entrepreneur. Currently CEO and Founder of Radar Networks.
Nova SpivackKhris Loux
CEO and co-founder of JS-Kit; freakishly simple, non-obtrusive, self-contained, mostly-free widget service.
Chris SaadChris Saad
Co-Founder and Chairperson at and CEO of Faraday Media. Also Co-Founder at Media 2.0 Workgroup and APML Workgroup.
Jessica MahJessica Mah
A 17 year old serial entrepreneur, blogger, and sophomore in college.

Serial Entrepreneurs Interview

During The Next Web Conference Scott Rafer will interview Kevin Rose live on stage in the main conference area. Both are seasoned serial entrepreneurs and we expect this to be one of the many highlights of the conference.

Robert Scoble.Scott Rafer
Succesful Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder Mashery, previously CEO of MyBlogLog and currently CEO of Lookery.
Kevin RoseKevin Rose
Successful Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of and Revision3

For Garret Camp fans (or fans of other speakers) I’ve reserved 10 full 2 days conference passes at 200 euro discount (550 vs. 750 ex VAT normal price)

Register via:

discount code:
Iwanttogotothenextwebbecausegarretrocks (Tip: ctrl+c / ctrl+v )

In only 8 days The Next Web Conference 2008 will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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